School Agricultural Science

School Agricultural Science Programme

The introduction of a primary School agricultural science curriculum for primary level initiated by the Department of Agriculture but supervised by the Ministry of Education, is now in its pilot stage in four schools. This Curriculum aims to introduce the integrated approach to teaching Agricultural Science at the primary level. Its main premise is to guide teachers in the creation of effective learning experience leading to the development of skills and basic concepts in the field of Agricultural Science.

The Focus

  • the development of agriculture geared to primary school students
  • the environment
  • introduction to agricultural science

Starting agricultural education at a young age helps children get perspective on their lives and the world around them.  It also intended to focus the pupils’ minds on the importance of the preservations of the environment as well as on developing technologies in modern day agriculture. The content of the curriculum exposes the students to agriculture as a career and attempts to clear misconceptions and the eradication of the negative stigma about agricultural pursuits. Next school year 2019 – 2020 it will be implemented in all schools across the Federation. During the pilot, teachers would be consistently evaluated and monitored to ensure effective delivery of the material by the Department of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education.