Primate Pest Damage Control

Monkeys eat almost every crop type grown in St. Kitts. Government assist farmers by assigning established trappers to specific farm districts. These trappers can only operate in and around farms and every captured primate must be treated humanely.

Trappers must turn over their catch to the Department for humane disposal. Data collected include information on area caught, sex and physiological stage of animal.

Affected farmers may call the Department and lodge their complaint which will be addressed by the Project Leader.

Just recently the programme was expanded to effectively all farms in St. Kitts through a joint partnership with a local trapper Mr. Gilbert Gordon. This programme called “Attract Capture, Protect Project” will concentrate in the first instance on farms in Lodge, Whytes Cayon and Fahies but will soon spread to other Districts.

Green Vervet monkeys on the golf course at Four Seasons, Nevis West Indies