Outreach Centres

Outreach Centres

The Department of Agriculture has two Outreach Centers located in Fahies (Newton Ground) and Tabernacle. The center in Fahies operates under rain fed conditions while tabernacle uses irrigation.


  • The centers were established to decentralize the activities of the Department of Agriculture from Basseterre to the rural areas to make it easier for people to access and purchase farm inputs which includes fertilizers, seeds, seedlings and chemicals.
  • Another important role of the outreach centers in to carry out experiments on new varieties of seeds, fertilizers and chemicals .Method and Result demonstration plots are also established to show the farming community the performances of the new varieties. They serve the purpose of a research and resource center to the farming community.

A number of new varieties of seeds and chemicals were introduced as a result of the work done at the Outreach Centers. An Extension Officer is attached to each of the centers.