Marketing Unit

The Marketing Unit (MU) is an arm at the Department of Agriculture which was established in 2001 by the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Alistair Edwards. The Unit operates with a vision of bringing marketing relief to local farmers. Although we function in a highly technological age, the Unit shares a physical space where Marketing Officials can interface physically with local farmers in an effort to understand the challenges and measures that are implemented to mitigate against these challenges. Since its inception, the Unit has been able to optimize local production although it has identified that one of the greatest challenges to the agricultural landscape in St. Kitts is the small market space for marketing opportunities.

On a day to day basis, the vision of the Unit is manifested through the assistance provided to local farmers in obtaining adequate markets for their fresh produce. Another significant aspect of the Unit is market data collection which is viewed as a key pillar as it assists the local consumers to make better informed purchasing decisions. The Marketing Unit houses a competent team of two staff members, the Marking Officer who is ably assisted by the Marketing Assistant. Currently, there are four (4) priority commodity areas: fruit, vegetable, livestock and poultry. There is a packhouse facility that plays an important function in storing, sorting, standardizing, grading and packaging of produce.

The Marketing Unit supplies retail price changes and market Intell information to key stakeholders on a regular basis. This information is critical for decision making for both farmers and businesses alike. The Unit assists in the planning and designing of marketing opportunities,

product facilitation, and channels used in an effort to bridge farmer groups and other important segments of the agricultural industry. The Marketing Unit continues to work feverously to advance and enhance the overall effectiveness of our local produce in St. Kitts while providing fresh and top quality commodities to the consumer at farmgate prices with the goal of improving market access for local farmers.

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