Import Requirements

In order to Protect St.Kitts and Nevis Agriculture, Ornamental and Forest Plants from the threat of foreign Pests and Diseases, please note the following conditions:

Please be advised any planting material, plant cutting, seed, live plants, cut flowers, ornamental or other unprocessed plant products originating out of St.Kitts and Nevis requires an import permit prior to entry into the Federation.

An import permit must be obtained from the Plant Quarantine unit, Department of Agriculture St.Kitts prior to the placement of an order. This document is to be presented to the exporter when ordering your consignment.


Steps to obtaining an Import Permit

First an APPLICATION FORM must be completed and submitted to the Quarantine Unit for an IMPORT PERMIT. The information must include : name of importer, name(common and scientific ) and quality items to be imported, detailed address of nursery/ place from where commodities will be exported and rooting medium used. Any other pertinent detail that may be useful should also be included.

On receipt of this request the Plant Health Division will carry out a pest risk analysis. (Sometimes additional demands are made of the importer for example the provision of a pest list or pest free status certificate from nursery, chemical treatment certificate etc) Pest Risk Analysis is a detailed procedure that can take weeks; therefore early requests are advisable (minimum one month in advance).

The import permit will state the quantity and type of plants that will be allowed and the conditions under which they will be allowed entry. Routine requirements include being pest and disease free, free from soil and accompanied by a PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE from exporting country.

Once the consignment arrives it must be inspected by the Quarantine unit prior to release. The inspecting officer is legally empowered to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the biodiversity of our country. Cargo imported in compliance with the import permit will be released after inspection, if in contravention the officer may detain, order treatment, confiscate and destroy or re-export or any other action based on his/her scientific judgement.

The Quarantine Unit should be notified 48 Hours before arrival of consignments.