Communications Unit

The Communication Unit provides relevant technical and general information to the farming community and the general public, on a regular basis with ongoing support from the Departmental Staff, Allied Institutions, farmers and all other partners which continue to assist in the enhancement of the performance of the Unit’s overall quality of the final programs produced for both Radio and Television. There are weekly production of both radio (Agriscope) which aired on Sunday mornings and television (Agriculture in Context) which also aired on Sundays but in the evening on ZIZ our national radio station.


  • Gathering and analyzing information to create the programs
  • Processing of farmers registration (farmers identification cards)
  • Produces fact sheets for a wide array of vegetable crops
  • Improving internal communication or updates at the Department of Agriculture with a monthly newsletter with information that is essential and also important to disseminate among staff members
  • Promotes all activities of the Department of Agriculture to the public through the use of various media houses